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John Stamoulos is a dedicated and passionate practitioner of Breathwork who has had the privilege of delivering its gifts of to audiences in UK, Europe, Middle East South America, North Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, India, and Asia. He spends 5 months of the year travelling and working throughout the world. During his extensive career as a Breathwork professional, John can include such accomplishments as – first to introduce Breathwork to Iran and first to share the Breathwork process with a group of 600 participants in Malaysia. His initial exposure to the process came as a result of a life-changing event in the 1980s that forced him to embrace his own transformational path. From the first experience of Breathwork, he was fully aware of its power to heal. It has been his life’s focus ever since. Read more…

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Common Questions

What time does it start?

BOFA Group Sessions start at 7:30pm, we ask that if this is your first time coming to a session that you arrive at 7:15pm.  This will enable you to complete a short registration... Read More

How much does it cost?

The BOFA Group sessions cost $25. The fee for an individual two to three hour consultation varies according to the Breathworker. usually ranges between $100 – $400. Read More


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