Our facilitators are all trained Breathworkers and have undertaken their own personal journey. We continually invite new breathworkers to come and assist and gain further experience.

BOFA invites established Breathwork Practitioners to run sessions. These Breathworkers will appear under the title Special Guests.

John is an Adelaide based, world travelled master Breathworker trainer and facilitator who has been traveling internationally for many years now, exploring, researching and sharing the many techniques for healing that he now practices. He is devoted to continuing his education in healing and travels regularly on an international basis.

Karen has been involved in Breathwork for 6 years following her completion of the LEI Rebirther training facilitated by John Stamolous in Langkawi South East Asia in 2008.
The training has assisted Karen in developing her own skills as a Breathworker enabling her to provide a safe nurturing environment for clients to release negative emotions and past traumatic experiences which in turn can hold an individual back from living a happy peaceful life.

Gianfranco Ingegneriis a gentle, supportive, loving person whose passion is assisting people to travel their unique life path with vitality and he does so with the greatest of integrity. He initially began his journey in the health and well-being industry as a Personal Fitness Trainer and then expanded his expertise as he studied Remedial Massage Therapy. Today, he enjoys a successful practice that supports many people in their efforts to live their healthiest lives.

I was on a journey of healing my past pain from my childhood which lead me to Breathwork where I found a peace and tranquility that I’d never experienced before. While on this journey I had realizations of patterns of behavior which once I understood where this came from I could then change, I experienced profound healing and inner peace.

My curiosity about Rebirthing/Breathwork was piqued when I first read about the process in ‘InnerHealth’ magazine. Shortly after, I had a conversation with John Stamoulos about the technique and decided to book a Breath session with him even though I felt some resistance to it. The experience of my first session was not enjoyable but still, I felt compelledto continue to explore and learn more about Breathwork from John.I participated in his4-day retreat at Troubridge Island, which taught me more about Breathwork and gave me powerful life-changing tools that supported new directions for me.

I’ve been a general psychologist for about 30 years, and in three states. Even before all this, before I ever worked in a specific psychology position, I completed my Breathwork training with Nemi Nath, in Lismore NSW. That was in the late 80’s. It was called Rebirthing then.
So for years, perhaps still, my journey is one of integrating the deep understanding of the energetic nature of human mind-body consciousness, with general psychology which is of course taking so much longer to reach such understandings.