Maggie Ball

Maggie’s passion is working with people and assisting them in their search for ‘change’.

A long and successful career in the advertising and hospitality industries, both locally and international, and more recently in the tertiary education sector has provided her with a wealth of experience in communication, counselling, and relationship building.

More than thirty years of marriage and the parenting of two children, now wonderful young men, has presented her with many challenges and an in-depth experience of love in its many and varied forms .


Her search for a way of managing challenges has been interesting and rewarding, and eventually led her to the study and subsequent practice of Rebirthing. Maggie provides a safe, nurturing environment in which to release stress, recognise your worth, and most importantly to awaken to unconditional love.


“With ease and safety, Maggie has allowed me to change my life. I released huge issues around responsibility, communication and leadership. She is gentle, powerful and compassionate and I recommend her most highly.”

Thea Nijholt


“I had searched for nearly twenty years to find a way of accessing adequately the little child inside me. In my first session with Maggie, I was there…and the resultant healing has been profound.”

Greg Broomhall BA(Psych), BSc(Hons), PhD. LIFE COACH – Queensland


“Maggie’s gift of love, and her intuitive skills provided me with a safe space in which I found it surprisingly easy to ‘let go’. This wonderful healing experience was certainly the catalyst for many great changes in my life. I gained so much.”

Lynda Edwards Personal Assistant – Magill.


Maggie lives in Mt Barker, South Australia and can be contacted on

Mob: 0413 140 950