Niki is a highly skilled practitioner in the area of personal growth and education. Highly sought after and regarded in the breathwork field, Niki has a successful practice in Adelaide.Niki has worked both locally and internationally and says, “Once people stand in their own power and accept personal responsibility they quickly witnesses miraculous changes in all parts of their life’

She has been a Breathworker since 2001 and graduated as a professional Counsellor in 2003 ans is committed to her ongoing learning. Niki is compassionate, professional and has integrity in all that she does. She provides a safe, supportive environment for her clients to explore their limiting beliefs and blocks that they may be subconsciously and/ or consciously holding them back. Niki journeys with her clients to have increased awareness, empowerment and gives them practical strategies to live a successful life and maximize their own potential. Her passion is supporting people to be the best that they can be.

Her passion, spirit for life and a great sense of humour shines through.

“Breathwork has allowed me to reach deeper into my being and my childhood in understanding why I limit myself. Very transforming, Niki is very in tune, direct and supportive. Breathwork takes you into a deep state, you can get to the core of issues yourself”

Sophia, BA Psych BSW, South Australia


Niki is a successful breathworker, counsellor and workshop presenter, living in Adelaide,

ph. 040 962 5323

mob: 040 900 1798