A Breath of Fresh Air BOFA
How much does it cost?

The BOFA Group sessions cost $25. The fee for an individual two to three hour consultation varies according to the Breathworker. usually ranges between $100 – $400. Read More

Is it a cult or religion?

No. Breathwork is a breathing technique. It is not a religion. You will bring to it your own spiritual beliefs. And if you have no spiritual beliefs none will be forced upon you.... Read More

How many sessions should I do?

It is usually recommended that you undertake a series of 10 sessions over a period of time, taking time between each session to assimilate realisations and change. To commit to a series of... Read More

Is it hyperventilation?

Breathwork is not hyperventilation. It is conscious connected breathing. Your Breathworker is there to guide you and keep you safe. Read More