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Dragonfly closeup
Can You Recapture Wonder?

   Wonder is the beginning of wisdom ~ Socrates   Have you lost the ability to notice the extraordinary in simple things and to see the magic that life has to offer? How... Read More

The Resilience In Your Breath

Your breath is the greatest delivery system of clarity, personal healing, expansion, and transformation that you will ever encounter ~ John Stamoulos   The dictionary defines resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from... Read More

Samen hängt an einer Blüte
Pause – Taking a ‘Time Out’

Pause…Breathe…Repair Your Universe…Proceed ~ unknown   As if the Holidays were not demanding enough, the New Year often brings with it a string of resolutions that impose even more stress to improve and... Read More

Dealing with the Tug-of-War in Relationship

The cornerstone of a conscious relationship is its commitment to open, heart-based connection and sharing. ~ John Stamoulos   The hectic pace and demands of the Holiday Season can magnify stress and generate... Read More