A Breath of Fresh Air BOFA
Bringing Light to Toxic Shame

 Shame is the master emotion. It’s the fear we are not good enough ~ Brene Brown    Shame is the internalized conviction that something is ‘wrong with me’, that ‘I don’t count’, ‘I... Read More

Forgiveness – Ending The Harm

 Forgiveness means letting go of the hope for a better past ~ Lama Surya Das   Being unjustly blamed, punished for something you didn’t do, cheated on in a relationship, robbed, or suffering... Read More

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Self-Acceptance is a Superpower

 Guru, God and Self are One ~ Ramana Maharshi   Self- acceptance is an inner quality that acknowledges and embraces personal strengths and flaws as equal parts of your being. When you are... Read More

Eternal Journey
Holding Space For Yourself

  “Holding space is like a great pilgrimage home to your own soul.” ~ Azriel ReShel   In the midst of a life that can be overrun with hurry and noise, there is... Read More

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