“Rebirthing/Breathwork is a safe and simple breathing technique which allowed me to take back my personal power-in a safe caring environment.”

Rhonda Pomperuse

“The Group BOFA sessions I did were amazing experiences, always different and I know that I can never expect what exactly will happen to me during the rebirthing. I’ve seen how powerful my breath is and I believe that I can get to know myself better and heal issues I have, especially from my childhood, which I can’t remember consciously, with rebirthing. I look forward to more sessions in the New Year. Thank you all so much for making the bofa sessions possible and for your gentle support. I can highly recommend the sessions to everyone.”



“I find that the breathing sessions have allowed me to delve into my subconscious in a warm, friendly and nurturing environment. I always feel safe and supported to go into my mind without fear. There are always plenty of Breathworkers on hand to assist the process. They are great at knowing the exact times when I need assistance or when I am progressing well on my own. The BOFA sessions have allowed me to get to know myself better and to let go of old fears that are holding me back.”

Julia Ross