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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a breath technique that supports your healing. It uses a protocol called conscious connected breathing that, over a prolonged period, usually for an hour, energises your body and produces a state... Read More

What do I (client) need to do?

Your Breathworker will guide you in the process. It is very simple. It is usually done lying down as your Breathworkersits beside you and guides you into a relaxed breathing rhythm. He/she is... Read More

What can happen?

Every session is different because you are unique and each session will be influenced by your state of mind at the time as well as your health, emotions and physical fitness. Some of... Read More

Is it safe?

Breathwork is a simple breathing technique facilitated by an accredited Breathworker who ensures that you are safe. It is not recommended that you attempt the technique on your own until you have undertaken... Read More

Does it always work?

Every session is different. It is important that you let go of the need to control the session and trust that your needs will be met. Provided you are committed to breathing and... Read More

Is it hyperventilation?

Breathwork is not hyperventilation. It uses the conscious connected breathing technique. Your Breathworker is there to guide you and keep you safe. Read More

How many sessions should I do?

It is usually recommended that you undertake a series of 10 sessions over a period of time, taking time between each session to assimilate realisations and integrate change. To commit to a series... Read More

Is it a cult or religion?

No. Breathwork is a breathing technique. It is not a religion. You will bring to it your own spiritual beliefs. And, if you have no spiritual beliefs, none will be forced upon you.... Read More

How did this work get popularised?

Rebirthing began in the early 70’s with Leonard Orr and a small group of friends. This group discovered the immense impact that their birth had on their everyday experiences. Because of this, the... Read More