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Can You Recapture Wonder?

   Wonder is the beginning of wisdom ~ Socrates   Have you lost the ability to notice the extraordinary in simple things and to see the magic that life has to offer? How... Read More

The Resilience In Your Breath

Your breath is the greatest delivery system of clarity, personal healing, expansion, and transformation that you will ever encounter ~ John Stamoulos   The dictionary defines resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from... Read More

Pause – Taking a ‘Time Out’

Pause…Breathe…Repair Your Universe…Proceed ~ unknown   As if the Holidays were not demanding enough, the New Year often brings with it a string of resolutions that impose even more stress to improve and... Read More

Dealing with the Tug-of-War in Relationship

The cornerstone of a conscious relationship is its commitment to open, heart-based connection and sharing. ~ John Stamoulos   The hectic pace and demands of the Holiday Season can magnify stress and generate... Read More

Breathe Into Grace

 Grace is the permanent climate of divine kindness ~ John O’Donohue   Grace is a simple, beautiful, receptive state of being that is present in every ordinary moment of life. It can come... Read More

Bringing Light to Toxic Shame

 Shame is the master emotion. It’s the fear we are not good enough ~ Brene Brown    Shame is the internalized conviction that something is ‘wrong with me’, that ‘I don’t count’, ‘I... Read More

Forgiveness – Ending The Harm

 Forgiveness means letting go of the hope for a better past ~ Lama Surya Das   Being unjustly blamed, punished for something you didn’t do, cheated on in a relationship, robbed, or suffering... Read More

Self-Acceptance is a Superpower

 Guru, God and Self are One ~ Ramana Maharshi   Self- acceptance is an inner quality that acknowledges and embraces personal strengths and flaws as equal parts of your being. When you are... Read More

Holding Space For Yourself

  “Holding space is like a great pilgrimage home to your own soul.” ~ Azriel ReShel   In the midst of a life that can be overrun with hurry and noise, there is... Read More

Healing Trauma – Unhook From Its Tyranny

Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives ~ Akshay Dubey   The experiences of trauma are wide-ranging and include any event that threatens emotional,... Read More

Peace – It Begins Inside You

 When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others ~ Peace Pilgrim   In the midst of daily stories of war, hate and... Read More

Dealing With Grief – Grieving Your Losses

“Heartbreak is part of the human condition—if it comes off the table, so does love itself. Vulnerability is what makes life worth living; without it, we’d lack meaning and purpose.” ~ Douglas Brooks... Read More

Powering Meditation With Your Breath

Recent scientific studies have discovered what most practitioners of meditation already know – that a daily mindfulness practice actually changes your perspective and encourages feelings of positivity that help cope with stress. Brain... Read More

The Healing Power of Drumming

  Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances ~ Maya Angelou   In every aspect of our lives, we are attuned to rhythm – in utero we are soothed by our... Read More

Embracing The Present Moment

Close your eyes. Get very still. Reflect on the past. Reflect on the future. Congratulations! You just saw nothing. ~ Byron Katie thework.com   In the constant rush of trying to pack 48... Read More

The Wisdom In Your Breath

One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the Universe plays on human beings is to bury strange jewels within us all, and then stand back to see if we can ever... Read More

What time does it start?

BOFA Group Sessions start at 7:30pm, we ask that if this is your first time coming to a session that you arrive at 7:15pm.  This will enable you to complete a short registration... Read More

How much does it cost?

The BOFA Group sessions cost $25. The fee for an individual two to three hour consultation varies according to the Breathworker. usually ranges between $100 – $400. Read More

Is it a cult or religion?

No. Breathwork is a breathing technique. It is not a religion. You will bring to it your own spiritual beliefs. And if you have no spiritual beliefs none will be forced upon you.... Read More

How many sessions should I do?

It is usually recommended that you undertake a series of 10 sessions over a period of time, taking time between each session to assimilate realisations and change. To commit to a series of... Read More

Is it hyperventilation?

Breathwork is not hyperventilation. It is conscious connected breathing. Your Breathworker is there to guide you and keep you safe. Read More

Is it safe?

Breathwork is a simple breathing technique facilitated by an accredited Breathworker/Rebirther to ensure that you are safe. It is not recommended that you attempt the technique on your own until you have undertaken... Read More

What can happen?

There are many different approaches and a number of ways to breathe, so every session is different You are unique and each session will be influenced by your state of mind at the... Read More

What do I need to do?

Your Breathworker will guide you in the process. It is very simple. It is usually done lying down. Your Breathworker will sit beside you and guide you into a relaxed breathing rhythm. He/she... Read More

What is Breathwork?

(also known as Rebirthing) Breathwork is a breathing technique using conscious connected breath. By breathing in this was over a prolonged period, usually for an hour, you body becomes energised and a state... Read More

Bofa Blog

A Breath of Fresh Air initially began about 10 years ago for me when I wanted to create a group of like minded Breathworkers/Rebirthers to get together monthly and facilitate public group breath... Read More